Cooperation with the KIDIMOM project

Pinar Company generally works in the field of cognitive sciences and technologies related to cognitive science.

The purpose of this company is to bring closer and connect the theoretical findings of neuroscience to the world of application and today’s human needs.
In the Kidimom project, by using artificial intelligence has been designed and implemented in the form of a mobile application for image processing and prediction.

In this way, Individuals or companies that have tended to cooperate with the PINAR Company in connection with this project.

Pinar Company is ready to cooperate with the following axes and priorities:

+ Ideas for the technical development of the project

+ Ideas on the design and development of the application and the project website

+ Ideas for upgrading and adding more options within the app

+ Providing a marketing and revenue plan to introduce and increase service with the application

+ Investing in product development

It should be noted that any comments and suggestions outside of the topics and issues raised, are important to us and we are ready to listen to your comments with full interest.

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